Become a Weightloss Ninja

Ever wanted to be as slim and trim as a Japanese Ninja? What can we learn from the Japanese who are masters of weight loss and longevity?


In these pages we will attempt to unravel the secrets of weight loss passed down over centuries from the land of the rising sun from great masters of sword craft, geisha beauty, martial arts, delicious cuisine, and amazing art.


We can also learn from Sumo wrestlers what causes great weight gain and what to avoid. One of their favorite meals is a hearty strew called chanko nabe which is none-the-less packed with proteins, vitamins, and nutrients to support their hard training and need to maintain weight. No doubt the long resting after consuming large portions helps with their weight gain.

Life expectancy

The people of the Japanese island of Okinawa are renowned for their longevity with many centenarians far outliving people of the USA. Certainly a contributing factor is the lifestyle in this warm, marine environment. Food is considered medicine, consisting of a healthy balanced diet.

Super foods

Superfoods contain large amounts of vitamin C and other vitamins together with antioxidants. Fruits include Acelora and Shekwasha. Vegetables include Goya (bitter-tasting). Then there is Tumeric, Moringa, Moromi vinegar and even seaweed.

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