How Much Water to Drink for Good Health

According to studies most Americans are dehydrated and thus need to drink more water for good health. Dehydration is where the free water loss from the body exceeds free water intake.

Zero calorie drink

Unfortunately to quench our thirst, many of us don’t drink water directly but drinks such as soda, beer, and coffee.

Your urine is a great indicator of your level of hydration. It should be as clear as possible. The more yellow it looks, the more dehydrated you are. An exception to this is for a few hours after taking vitamin tablets or drinking some kinds of energy drink.

Now here is a great way to improve your diet and lose weight by consuming more water.

I suggest tap water which your local water authority takes great pride and effort to supply it to you in abundance and for very low cost.

Isn’t it a great shame that we take it for granted that we have this clean abundant water on tap and we go shopping for expensive bottled water?

Some areas I know have unpleasant tasting water where more chlorine is added than other areas to kill bacteria, but this may be filtered out with an activated carbon filter.

One place I visit has a slight plastic taste due to the water coming from a tank, so I add ice so the cold water doesn’t let my taste buds notice. Another trick is to add a few drops of lemon juice.

Now I know it is not great fun to drink water, but it is really refreshing after a hot run or exercise and can appear to be delicious.

Drinking water when you feel hunger pangs can suppress them temporarily, so this is a great way to make it through a fasting period until a scheduled meal.

Drinking water before a meal can make you feel less hungry so that you will be satisfied with a smaller portion of food.

Our bodies and brain are mostly comprised of water, so it is tremendously important to consume water, and it’s difficult to overdose on water.

Urine Color Chart

So, how much water to drink? Let’s aim to drink enough water everyday such that our urine is always light yellow to clear (level 1,2, or 3 in the Urine Color Chart).

So we need to make it a habit. Force yourself to drink big glasses of water everday, soon it will become a habit. Don’t think of other drinks as alternatives, you must drink some plain ordinary water.

Clean your liver and oil change your body with it’s favorite drink of water for good health.